What should be included in a 

Complete Set of Plans: 

A Complete Set of Plans indicate to your General Contractor what you expect to be built. Many GCs will "fill in the blanks" if you do not have a Plan to specify what you are paying for. A Complete Set of Plans insures that your project turns out the way that you expect.

You have a couple of options as far as where to buy plans for your New Home


Buy online: If you chose this option, be sure to ask them beforehand if their plans include everything listed below. Also ask them what they charge for Plan Changes.


Hire an Architect/Draftsman: If you want custom details then you will need to have your ideas Drafted. If you have everything organized, or know what you want before approaching them, it can be considerably less in cost. We can help you develop your design beforehand, if you do decide to go this route.

  • Floorplan for each Level.

  • Elevation Drawings with Dimensions (N,S,E,W)

  • Foundation Drawings. 

  • Framing Drawings. 

  • Truss Drawings.

  • Electrical Wiring Schematic/Diagram. 

  • Plumbing Schematic/Diagram. 

  • Plumbing Fixture Schedule. 

  • HVAC Schematic/Diagram. 

  • Insulation Schematic/Diagram. 

  • Window Schedule. 

  • Door Schedule. 

  • Cabinet Schedule. 

  • Landscaping Plan. 

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